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    I want the style of the site to be similar to the outlook of instagram so would like to upload square shaped images rather than rectangular, Is that possible? Will adding a third column make the shapes more square?

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    The theme has its own image sizes, you need to modify them, you can find them in file includes/custom_funtions.php, line 294 in this format

    add_image_size( ‘mimo-slider’, 2160, 720 ,true); – where 2160px is width and 720 is height of image.

    You can change them to your needs. after doing this you will need to install WordPress Regenerate Thumbnails plugin and, in WordPress dashboard, go to Tools/Regenerate Thumbnails

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    Thanks Mimo. I managed to change the code however this blew everything out of proportion and now I’ve reverted to the original sizings it is still not balanced. Do the sizings need to be a certain total width, I am unaware of where the columns 1-4 are active on the page, Your assistance is very much appreciated


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    Hi, the widths need to cover the size of 3-4 columns you see in screen, no more. When you see 3 columns, as in home demo, the image size used is 3col, it is that easy 🙂

    Best Regards

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