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    I’ve just purchased the theme a few days ago.

    It seems that some of the pictures have not shown up, somehow. I don’t know the reason. It seems like most of the “Page” ’s pictures don’t show up.
    I’ve deleted and added it again on one of the pages, but it still doesn’t show up. Do you have any ideas?

    Also, is there a manual for this theme? It looks good on the sample, but it takes long to figure out all of the features.

    Thank you.

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    Hi, the instructinos on how to use the theme are available when you download the full package from Themeforest, in folder ‘documentation’.

    Please could you share a link to your site so i can take a look to the issue?

    thank you!!

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    Thank you for your assistant.

    I’ve gotten the manual. I have been setting up the options before I do ‘Options Reset. Should I do it and start over again?

    Here is the link, so you can start checking for the images:
    somehow, all the images on this page are shown up by copy and paste from the previous theme. (But the layout is still a mess and the picture sizes are different on a mobile device, even when I choose the same size. Do you know why?)
    This is the one of the pages that any images haven’t shown up, even when I cut and added them again:
    I’ve used some of the images from the amazon links, but the ones, either from the media or the link, the images on “page” don’t show up. (images on posts show up without any changes)

    Another question is; can I use the memo carousel for “pages” too? Or is that only for posts? If I’m able to use it for pages, how can I do that?

    First off, I’m not a professional, so the inside codes would be a mess. but I’m trying to organize it, since I changed the theme.

    Thanks for your help.

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    Images: I see there is a javascript error in the page where images are not showing, please could you de-activate any non theme plugin to see if this solves the issue? If yes, please activate again one by one to see which on is causing the issue.

    Mobile: I have tested your site in a mobile phone and it works properly, which is your device?

    Carousel: You need to use it as a widget in a page made with the plugin Site Origin Panels, you can install this plugin and see documentation at their website to see how to use it. It is very easy, it is just the best page builder out there.

    For this purpose, just to see how the demo site is done, you can also import the demo content included in full package folder ‘demo content’ with WordPress Import Export plugin: ‘Tools/Import’ , install the plugin and run the importer. Later you can delete the pages or just modify them to your needs.

    Best regards

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    Thank you for each answers.

    I’ve switched each of the plugins off/on to find out which one is causing it, but I couldn’t find it… (Nothing changed)

    I checked it on an iPhone 6 & 4, iPad and the Galaxy tablet, the pictures in the table look like they’re overflowing from the page.
    If I can use a carousel for that, it should be fine. I’ve tried to create a carousel, but again, pictures are not showing up.

    I’ve imported the sample data (2 files) as well.

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    Hi, i have tested your site, i see all images well, you need to scroll a bit to start showing them.

    I recommend you to use the sample data to import the demo example pages.

    When you have done this, i think you did it, then you can use one of the demo pages to create youras. I see the frontpage you have created, the Carousel is thought to fill the full width, not to make it one column of 3, as you have done in your homepage.

    Please take a look to how the demo pages are done to use the carousel.

    I see the site in Ipad and the images are showing well for me, but i see you have several carousels of 1-2 columns, please tryy to make them fullwidth to work properly.

    Best Regards

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    What would be the problem if you can see all the images and I can’t? Browser?

    I’ve tried to just edit sample data, it looks easier but sample’s images are all rectangular, my images are mainly square. How can I show them as all the same size square?

    Even when I just add an image on a page, it doesn’t show up. It’s getting all messed up and difficult. I need some help…

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    Hi, i see that some images in pages are not showing in your site, don’t know why. I will look into this for next coming release. To solve it while the release is fired, you can go to file style.css, and delete line 330.

    About image sizes, The theme creates some image sizes just for the images to be all the same size, this sizes are in file inc/mimo-functions.php, in lines 100 to 104. You can change those values to your needs.

    When changed:

    1.Save the file.
    2.Install Regenerate Thumbnails WordPress Plugin
    3.Run the plugin and regenerate all thumbnails to create the new sizes.

    Your done 🙂

    Apart from this you can look for some info online just to know more about WordPress image sizes if you like. For example this article about how to create your own image sizes.–wp-24815

    Please tell me if this has worked.


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    I think I could resolve the problem.

    I didn’t delete line 330 (I did, but nothing changed) but for the images in “page”, they appeared when:
    – I converted the content to text edit on page builder for each of the pages, then it all showed up.
    – A reason the images didn’t show up for SiteOrigin was simply because I didn’t select thumbnail for each page. Once I added them, it showed up.

    But when I tried to use SiteOrigin image/video and other slideshow plugin, to resolve the above issues, it still hasn’t shown up. I don’t know why.

    Set upping the same size, I could do it how you suggested.

    Thank you very much for your assistance.

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    Hi, sorry, then all is ok except the slideshow plugin? Could you tell me which is the Slideshow plugin you are using and how?

    Thank you!

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    Hello again.

    I would appreciate it, if you can help me with getting the picture to show in the “featured image” spot, from the plug-in called “Event Organizer” The featured image is not showing up on the event post. Do you have any idea why? (I saw that someone said it may be because of the theme?)

    Also, I would like to change the featured image’s size and align it (center, if the image is square) on a single page.
    Could you tell me how to set this up?

    Thank you for your help.

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    Hi, please could you post a link to both of the issues for me to take a look?

    Best regards

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    Here is the link:

    Event post:
    Single page (All of them are aligned on the left):

    Another problem I have is, I may change the settings, but suddenly all the contents in mimo blogloop show up e.g.
    I would like to change it so that only short descriptions appear, like on the sample site.

    Thank you for your help.

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    1- Event Post – Install Simple custom Css WordPress Plugin and add this code to it’s textarea. After installed go to Appearance/Custom Css and add this:

    .single-event img{

    2- To center all single images when they are small than the window, add this code to the same Simple Custom css plugin:

    .entry-thumbnail {
    text-align: center;

    Tell me if it is working properly please 🙂

    3 – The issue with the content showing, may be from another plugin, if you could de-activate plugins, see if it works properly, and activate one by one to see which one is causing this??

    Best Regards

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