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    This morning I got this message when i click on GRIDER THEME in the menu. Theme working just fine, loading time is about 4s and theme settings are working ok. I tried to clear chache and nothing happened.

    This is exact message I am getting:

    Warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in /home/ …. /wp-content/plugins/gantry/core/utilities/gantryregistry.class.php on line 322

    Warning: Attempt to modify property of non-object in /home/ …. /wp-content/plugins/gantry/core/utilities/gantryregistry.class.php on line 316

    Please can you help me with this?

    Thanking you in advance for you prompt respond

    ps. I spoke with Reggie Simmons from RocketTheme Support (Gantry Plugin that theme using) and they said I should address this to you because it is not their theme

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    Hi, i am so sorry i haven’t received any message from the forum, maybe something is wrong, i apologize.

    Please could you send me the site login details and url to see what is happening?

    Thank you
    Best Regards

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      No prob….

      I sent you an email at mail@mimo.studio, please let me know where to send credentials.

      Thanking you in advance for your prompt response

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      i just did clean install (newly created sub-domain) of Grider v2.4 with Gantry v4.1.10 import files (posts/pages) did basic config in theme/gantry. As I did not export settings from original domain where we have website nesting i want to test clean fresh install without any sort of updates/interference with files etc…

      I got same Warning! message (check first post) after i save my DEFAULT ‘preset’ in theme settings/gantry.

      NOW, I realize what is causing problem!?

      I got from my host provider an email that they will change ‘PHP mode’ CGI fast script version from v5.5 to v5.6 and optional to v7.0 – There is also an option for CGI and FastCGI – So, I was following this and upgraded to ‘FastCGI v7.0’ test all websites and all reports turn without error.

      I’ll remind you website was operating at all time without error but with warning message only in theme settings (also thumbnails for logo was not visible in settings panel). Well, problem was that I spot the warning message few days after as it does not report if you are not saving preset. I am guessing that if there were nothing to trigger scripts from gantry it will not respond with error/warning messages.

      Anyway, I switched script to PHP mode v5.6 FastCGI and Warning message is G.O.N.E. 🙂 – So, as test website was working just fine I went and repeated at the regular main website and warning message is also gone, so everything is fine.

      Anyway, if you can verify for the future ‘PHP Mode – FastCGI v7.0’ …. because PHP mode will changed eventually to v7.0 what is causing problem and maybe include in coming update of Grider.

      I mean I love this theme is so timeless and nothing on the market like it. I love the speed and must say not as happy with Gantry just because it is third party thing and with just this problem I encountered I have to correspond with all parties involved to get this error solved. Only MIMO step into help everybody just point finger to MIMO which I think should not a case because we all shared responsibility and we are connected. Without each other we will not be here!

      Thank you MIMO for your support – we solved the problem ALL together.

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    Hi, and sorry again for delay, i have had a lot of work this week.

    Ok, let me see what i can do to solve this issue.

    Thank you very much for sharing the info.
    Best Regards

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